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    Water Source Submissions on a Disclosure


    New FracFocus Data Site Launched

    Update for Online 12/4/2023


    Major improvements to FracFocus announced

    In response, FracFocus has developed a reporting method that allows companies to provide the required information while protecting their proprietary components. This method, called the systems approach, decouples ingredients from their respective trade names, making it impossible for an end user to connect the two.…


    FracFocus celebrates its 5th anniversary

    Individual companies within their particular industries often create proprietary components of a product or service as a way to differentiate themselves from competitors. These trade secrets, as they’re referred to, are protected by state laws. Within the oil and natural gas industry, companies that create proprietary formulas, methods, techniques or…


    FracFocus Technical Updates to Provide More Robust User Experience

    The FracFocus team is working with industry and state stakeholders in designing the next iteration of FracFocus’s data submission and data access portals. New features to support the membership and personnel and means to upload disclosure data as being received by industry professionals, are being considered. The new features are…


    New Search Options

    The FracFocus development team is currently in development of new Search pages. These pages will be integrated into this new website and will replace the current Search (Find A Well) features. The new map search page will focus on finding disclosures based on a your desired location through entry of…


    Data Download Frequency Increased

    The extract of the data downloads has increased from twice a month to five times a week. Updated data files are available on Tuesday - Saturday mornings. To download a file you can review the data download instructions and access the files by clicking here.…


    FracFocus Milestone Review

    FracFocus reached a milestone this past week (7/29/2020) with the submission of over 175,000 disclosure records. Here is a quick review/summary of the of the initial 175,000 submissions received since 2011.…


    Submissions involving Bankruptcy or Business Closures

    The FracFocus Support staff has been asked how to manage bankruptcy/business closures of well owners in relationship to FracFocus disclosure submissions. A survey of State Regulators was performed, and the following guidelines were developed. These guidelines are to provide Operators, Service Companies, and Regulators a means to communicate the issues…