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For FracFocus technical related issues or data questions, contact 405.607.6808 or you can ask us a question here.

FracFocus is the national hydraulic fracturing chemical registry.

FracFocus is managed by the Ground Water Protection Council and Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, two organizations whose missions both revolve around conservation and environmental protection.

The site was created to provide the public access to reported chemicals used for hydraulic fracturing within their area. To help users put this information into perspective, the site also provides objective information on hydraulic fracturing, the chemicals used, the purposes they serve and the means by which groundwater is protected.

The primary purpose of this site is to provide factual information concerning hydraulic fracturing and groundwater protection.  It is not intended to argue either for or against the use of hydraulic fracturing as a technology.  It is also not intended to provide a scientific analysis of risk associated with hydraulic fracturing. While FracFocus is not intended to replace or supplant any state governmental information systems it is being used by a number of states as a means of official state chemical disclosure.  Currently, twenty-three states use FracFocus in this manner as shown in the map below: 

Finally, this site does not deal with issues unrelated to chemical use in hydraulic fracturing such as Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM).  This topic is beyond the current scope of this site.

FracFocus is a dynamic website that will evolve and expand over time.  We welcome your comments and suggestions regarding the site.  You can submit a comment or suggestion regarding this website from the Ask a Question page.  The chemical data presented on this site has been submitted on a voluntary or regulatory basis by the participating oil and gas companies listed on the Links page who have agreed to disclose the information in the public interest. We hope you will find this site useful and informative.

Important Notes:

1.  FracFocus has instituted a Help Desk to address any issues you may have in using the system.  You can reach the Help Desk Monday-Thursday from 8 AM to 5 PM and on Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM CDT at 405-607-6808.

2. Participating companies have agreed to post records of wells fractured after the later of the date they registered to participate or January 1, 2011.  Since FracFocus first went into operation on April 11, 2011 the FracFocus system has recorded over 80,000 disclosures from a total of more than 1000 participating companies.  During the same period the FracFocus website had been visited more than 3/4 milion times.

3. Questions about the fracturing of a specific well should be directed to the company whose name appears in the header of the fracturing record.

4. The listing of a chemical as proprietary on the fracturing record is based on the Trade Secret provisions provided for in state law for the state in which the well is located.  Operators are responsible for knowing and following individual state trade secret law provisions.

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