Hydraulic Fracturing - How It Works

This technique uses a specially blended liquid which is pumped into a well under extreme pressure causing cracks in rock formations underground. These cracks in the rock then allow oil and natural gas to flow, increasing resource production.

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Site Setup

Setting up a well site takes several weeks.

Time considerations must be made for leveling the immediate area, constructing the pad site, possibly building roads to transport equipment and preparing for the drilling rig. Once preparation is complete, the crew will begin the drilling process; which includes casing, cementing and completing the well.

A Historic Perspective

Historical Analysis.

Hydraulic fracturing is not new. The first commercial application of hydraulic fracturing as a well treatment technology designed to stimulate the production of oil or gas likely occurred in either the Hugoton field of Kansas in 1946 or near Duncan Oklahoma in 1949.

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Search for nearby well sites that have been hydraulically fractured to see what chemicals were used in the process.

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