5/29/13 FracFocus 2.0 to revolutionize hydraulic fracturing chemical reporting nationwide

OKLAHOMA CITY –FracFocus.org, the national hydraulic fracturing chemical disclosure registry, will implement major upgrades beginning June 1, 2013, that will dramatically improve the site’s functionality for state regulatory agencies, industry and public users.

The enhancements to FracFocus and its system has been referred to as FracFocus 2.0.  It contains several new features that will enhance the usability and informational content of the system.

“State oil and regulatory agencies and participating companies have had the ability to test the new reporting method since last November in order to allow preparation for the change,” the organizations stated. “ By launch date all submissions of data must be made using the FracFocus 2.0 process.”

FracFocus 2.0 users will now be able to more efficiently search for well site chemical information due to the site’s conversion to an XML database platform. In addition to using GIS mapping technology to identify chemicals used in individual wells, users will also have the option to search and pull reports by date ranges, chemical names or Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) numbers.

States, as regulators of hydraulic fracturing, will also benefit from the upgrades to FracFocus. Twelve state regulatory agencies now require company chemical disclosure through FracFocus. The site allows for a centralized reporting database with the flexibility to tailor compliance needs by an individual state, saving valuable tax dollars.

To date there are 427 participating companies reporting chemical data for nearly 43,000 wells across the country.

“Since its inception in 2011, FracFocus has been a living project, growing and evolving on a daily basis,” said FracFocus joint venture partners Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC) and Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) recently. “Our latest technical improvements have enabled us to offer additional transparency, and we are proud to say that FracFocus is the only place that offers chemical data, reliable educational information, and state by state regulations for hydraulic fracturing. "

As the June 1 launch date approaches, FracFocus representatives continue to remind reporting companies that they must complete the conversion of their data on or before this date in order to ensure they are in compliance with state reporting requirements.


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